Eldritch Press Novel Announcement:

       Blood Prism by E.E. King   



                                                                                                 Photo by Patricia Hopps

Eldritch Press is proud to announce we will be publishing Multi- Award Winning Author Elizabeth Eve King's newest novel "Blood Prism."  Eldritch Press is excited
to have Ms. King join our family.

E.E. King is a performer, writer, biologist and painter. Ray Bradbury calls her stories “marvelously inventive, wildly funny and deeply thought provoking. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” Her books are; Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife, Real Conversations with Imaginary Friends, and Another Happy Ending.

She has won numerous awards and been published widely. Including, ”Dirk Snigby's Guide to the Afterlife” in Next Stop Hollywood, St. Martin's Press, and Now Write! Tarcher/Penguin, 2012.

She’s been the recipient of biological research and art grants, has been represented by LACMA sales & rental gallery, and will be artist in resident at the museum of Master Arts in Bermuda in 2015. 

She has painted murals in LA California and Spain, worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana, archaeologists in Spain and butterflies in South Central Los Angeles. In her spare time she gardens and raises egrets,  kittens or whatever small creatures happen her way.n her way.

For more information see her website

Image by Elena NeriumOleander visit her gallery to see more of her art and photography.

Check out our Poetry Page for new poetry by multi-award winning author Jacqueline Seewald!
New poetry by the talented
Rose Blackthorn and Jimmy Hernandez

In the coming months, we will be adding free fiction (stories and poetry) for readers to enjoy, novels and Anthologies. As a new publisher, we are on the search for the best fiction in multiple genres from Classic Horror, Military, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Steampunk, Steampunk Horror and last but not least, horror poetry.

But, do not think you will find the normal here on Eldritch Press. We like to blend the genres, moving along the roads less travelled. If you are an author check our submissions page for guidelines as well as our pay-rates. We are a semi-pro and pro-pay market. We are on the look out for new and established authors looking for opportunities to flourish.

Eldritch Press would like to announce a brand new poetry collection, "Voices of the Fallen" by Rissa Cortez. Her work has appeared in a number of anthologies. With inspirations drawn from her professional and personal experiences. She believes there is no limit to human depravity and for man to gain the ability to redeem himself, he must first come face to face with his own demons. 

Voices of the Fallen
is now Available at

The Manufacturer of Sorrow" gathers together the best of Michelle Scalise's collected poetry descending into the darkest recesses of our lives, taking you into Mental Asylums, dark avenues fraught with ghosts and witches, and into the darkness of childhood. Michelle's poetry will chill you to the bone with its diverse and in-depth contemplation of the human soul.

Please visit Michelle's Author Page for more information:
Michelle Scalise

Michelle Scalise
The Manufacturer of Sorrow
Now Available!

    Eldritch Press is proud to announce the Release of 
               "The Reign of King James Modern"

Lester Mackie, a small time hack for a small town paper had it all, great friends, a decent job and a beautiful fiance'. Lester's perfect existence however was turned upside down the night he witnessed a murder by a crime lord. With promises of grandeur by the FBI, Lester turned state's evidence. Life would be better than ever. Would it?

Jimmy Hernandez's page to learn more.

*Available for pre-order from Eldritch Press*
Release date November 14th.
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Prophets brings together the collected poems of Peter Adam Salomon into a dark and surreal journey through the human soul. Forty Six poems will take you into the mirrored worlds we see within ourselves, fraught with the echoes of darkness we hold inside, yet like a colored silhouette his poetry brims with the hope we all search for.

Visit Peter
Adam Salomon's page to learn more.