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Turn Left at November
Wendy Rathbone

Paul Dale Anderson

resonance dark & light
Bruce Boston

World Enough and Time
Harley Staggars

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Another Blood Jet
A.J. Huffman

The Manufacturer of Sorrow
Michelle Scalise

Peter Adam Salomon

Thorns, Hearts and Thistles
Rose Blackthorn

Voices of the Fallen
Rissa Cortez

The Devil in Rio

Jimmy Hernandez

The Reign of King James Modern

Jimmy Hernandez

The Private Sector by Leigh M. Lane, an Eldritch Novel is now available for purchase and for placement in Brick and Mortar stores from Ingram.

The world of corporate greed runs rampant after the government collapses, leaving police, fire, and social services in the hands of the wealthy. Debtor prisons for the lower and middle classes overflow and quarantine camps have filled to capacity, turning the streets into a personal battleground for terrorists fighting against a world headed toward ruin as resources run dry and civilization becomes ruled by The Private Sector.


Learn more at: Leigh M. Lane

Featured Title

The Private Sector

Leigh M. Lane

Eldritch Press is excited to announce the release of The Demon in my Head Doth Speak by Randy D. Rubin!

The Demon in my Head Doth Speak transports you along winding roads of pain and anguish, interspaced with love and hope travelling through castle halls, abbeys grown cold with time, and sunsets draining blood over the horizon.

Learn more about the Randy and his debut poetry collection at
Randy D. Rubin

The Demon in my Doth Speak
Randy D. Rubin

Sherry Decker