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Turn Left at November
Wendy Rathbone

Paul Dale Anderson

resonance dark & light
Bruce Boston

World Enough and Time
Harley Staggars

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Another Blood Jet
A.J. Huffman

The Manufacturer of Sorrow
Michelle Scalise

Peter Adam Salomon

Thorns, Hearts and Thistles
Rose Blackthorn

Voices of the Fallen
Rissa Cortez

The Devil in Rio

Jimmy Hernandez

The Reign of King James Modern

Jimmy Hernandez

Abandoned by Paul Dale Anderson, an Eldritch Press Thriller, Dark Fantasy Novel is now available for purchase from all online retailers and for placement in Brick and Mortar stores.

"Chaos ensues when terrorists take out the Worldwide electrical and communications grids. Two wounded warriors, two Buddhist monks, two AWOL Army Warrant Officers, an electrical engineer, and an FBI agent face annihilation from overwhelming odds and supernatural forces. In a valiant attempt to save themselves and the world, they must face their deepest fears. Has God turned his face from humanity in their gravest hour or chosen a side?" 

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