The Tower of Together
B.E. Scully​​

In Black
Robert Essig

Marge Simon

Sandy DeLuca

Sherry Decker

The Demon in my Doth Speak
Randy D. Rubin

Eldritch Press is excited to announce the release of Naughty Ladies!
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Naughty Ladies. 
Meet Naughty Ladies cruising along Route 66 in a Ford pickup against a post-Armageddon landscape...bathing with the gods in the Great Sea...and strumming a death ballad on a pink pearl-inlaid guitar... Meet The Mafia Princess, The Ghost of Spanish Harlem, and The Painter Traveling Through Time & Space... Meet Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca as they continue their journey as poets and artists inspiring one another with their unique—and often dark—visions of femininity in this ekphrastic poetry collection from Eldritch Press.

The Private Sector

Leigh M. Lane

Featured Title

Eldritch Press is proud to announce the release of In Black by Robert Essig.

Chase Little thought he’d been hired to do some painting, but when the paint dried, it created a black void that leads to a dungeon. Appalled yet fascinated, he flees, burning down the house and stealing the inky liquid. Fearing that he will be arrested for arson, Chase and his girlfriend Leah flee to the rundown town of Needles in the Mojave Desert.

Leah soon disappears, leaving him alone, learning too late of the true nature of the black paint and the evil that lies beyond the veil of darkness it creates. He was warned about the black paint, but didn’t listen. Now he has to find and destroy it before more innocent lives succumb to its unfathomable darkness.

The Reign of King James Modern

Jimmy Hernandez

The Devil in Rio

Jimmy Hernandez

Voices of the Fallen
Rissa Cortez

Thorns, Hearts and Thistles
Rose Blackthorn

Peter Adam Salomon

The Manufacturer of Sorrow
Michelle Scalise

Another Blood Jet
A.J. Huffman

Eldritch Titles

World Enough and Time
Harley Staggars

resonance dark & light
Bruce Boston

Paul Dale Anderson

Turn Left at November
Wendy Rathbone

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