Many of our authors will be in attendance at the 2015 World Horror Convention!
Peter Adam Salomon                      Rissa Cortez                       Michelle Scalise                               Bruce Boston
B.E. Scully                                         Paul Dale Anderson         Eve King                                            Marge Simon
Randy D. Rubin                               Shannon Giglio                 and more...
As well as the owner, Michael Randolph who is a sponsor of the 2015 World Horror Convention


ABANDONED by PAUL DALE ANDERSON now available for Pre-Order in the Eldritch Store!
Chaos ensues when terrorists take out the Worldwide electrical and communications grids. Two wounded warriors, two Buddhist monks, two AWOL Army Warrant Officers, an electrical engineer, and an FBI agent face annihilation from overwhelming odds and supernatural forces. In a valiant attempt to save themselves and the world, they must face their deepest fears. Has God turned his face from humanity in their gravest hour or chosen a side?

Eldritch Press announces its first annual poetry contest!
Sharpen your quills and get your inkwells ready! Eldritch Press will be opening its doors to the First Annual Dark Poetry Contest Eldritch Press is passionate about dark poetry and finding new voices in the dense forest of poets out in the world.

Eldritch Press is excited to announce the creation of the Horror Writers Association Poetry Scholarship!
We have worked closely with the Horror Writers Association to bring to its membership possibly the only Dark Poetry Scholarship in existence. Eldritch Press is a passionate supporter of the Horror Genre and Dark Poetry. With Dark Poetry's rich history and tradition, we believe it has had a major impact in the Horror Field.



It is with a sad heart and wounded soul that I write this. A good friend and bastion in the horror genre, Rocky Wood passed away yesterday. He inspired many authors, readers and fans in the horror genre. Much of the way we run Eldritch Press is a direct result of the different aspects Rocky fought for in the betterment of the genre and authors. We want to honor Rocky. When we first started developing the "Our World of Horror" anthology, I decided that half of the proceeds would go to the Horror Writers Association. We have decided that the anthology will be dedicated to Rocky and the remaining proceeds will be donated to MND Australia in his name.

Michael Randolph,
Owner, Eldritch Press